Nelson Stamp Club

Nelson Philatelic Society

During the winter months the club meets on the 2nd Sunday at 2pm


Venue: Stoke School 

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601 Main Road



Meetings comprise of several regular features: 


  • Display boards are set up for -A short Business Meeting, with minutes having been published in the newsletter
    • Articles of Interest: Unusual items that have been received, found, or seen in the news.
    • Letter of the Month: a contest to display an item or exhibit page corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.  The winner receives a small trophy cup filled with jelly beans (provided by the last winner) and all participants accumulate points to be awarded the Mitchner Cup at the end of the year.
    • Special Display: a prize (Lucky Dip or a bar of Chocolate) for the winner of a monthly topic set by the Newsletter Editor corresponding to an international event, i.e.
      • February/Valentine's Day - Hearts or Flowers
      • "Music In Our Schools Month" - music, singers or instruments
      • "If Pets Had Thumbs Day" - pets or animals
      • "National Bike Month" - anything with wheels
  • Monthly Programme:
    • Guest Speakers, with regular annual visits from The Postal History Society in May
    • Technical Workshop in September - short talks from members i.e. "Selling on the Internet", "How to Soak Stamps", "Watermarks"
    • 4-Page Competition in April 
    • AGM in June
    • Bicker Barter and Members Auction in August
    • 8-Page Competition in October (to encourage extending the 4-page exhibit in April)
    • Ductch Auction and shared supper with friends and family in December


Summer Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

7:15 Table Sales

7:30 (sharp) Evening Programme